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Isle of Printing Letterpress Studio: Art Takes Action

July 6, 2015

Isle of Printing is inking up Nashville (and abroad) in a unique way — at music venues and restaurants, on candy wrappers and through collaborative projects with artists and record labels. Owner Bryce McCloud creates his fair share of wedding invitations and commissioned posters, but he specializes in making the unusual happen, as seen through his oversized murals, intricate laser cuttings and memorable art installations. Bryce is also a big believer in the power of public art and enjoys getting involved in projects that turn community space into places that bring joy and wonder into the everyday world.

[From PasteMagazine 2015]


Naugahyde – Terrifying Sounds Compete

July 6, 2015 1 Comment

This is our best ditto looper study yet.

Invasive Ink as Canvas: Patterson Clark Creates Prints From Local Weeds

June 19, 2015


“As a volunteer steward of a local urban landscape, I work to enhance native plant and animal communities by removing exotic invasive vegetation from local parks and private lands in Washington, D.C.

This harvest of alien weeds yields an abundance of material, which is processed into fuel, chemicals, pigments, lumber, paper fibers and cordage — all of which are reassembled in the studio in a form that refers to its material source. The practice harnesses the inherent wealth of unwanted plants to sustainably fund their own removal.”

Patterson Clark

Basement Rock Up

June 8, 2015

RoughUP ManHole Face

May 26, 2015


Le Work Dood Le

May 15, 2015


eBook/PDF of “The Compendium of All Things Close To Home: A Portrait of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania”

May 8, 2015

41EjjB+R-QL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_-1The KKK hit with garden hoses, darkness on the edge of the tracks, apocalyptic worshipers, the famous pear tree: these are just a few of the stories found in the Compendium. To all the people who have not had a chance to read the legit history of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania that I wrote for my Masters Thesis at Temple University in 2008 – here is your chance.

3 printings were done of the book and a handful are left, but this PDF is free, digital, and should work with your iPad or Kindle.

The book is a mix of oral histories, folklore, and original musings on the nature of small town America through the lens of my hometown. There is an accompanying CD of music which I will post as well that syncs with the song section.

This project was made possible by the Philadelphia Cultural Alliance Grant, the Pennsylvania Humanities Council Grant, and with the help of the Old York Road Historical Society.

The Compendium of All Things Close To Home – A Portrait of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania


April 27, 2015

Great article about my hometown of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania in Nat Geo. Besides the fact that the author heavily borrowed many of her ideas from my book “The Compendium of All Things Close To Home” and added info about Bradley Cooper and the Goldbergs, it is a very original piece.



Geometric Man First Cut

April 27, 2015

geo man

Geometric FACE Linocut

April 22, 2015


ready to cut. ready to cut. ready to cut. ready to cut. ready to cut. ready to cut.

Tame Impala Space Rock

April 16, 2015

Greasy Coat

April 12, 2015

Backyard picking with archtop and suitcase

Twelve Mask Linocut

April 1, 2015

IMG_1831_2IMG_1835IMG_1818IMG_1827_2IMG_1833 IMG_1826   IMG_1825   IMG_1830_2 IMG_1820_2 IMG_1828_2 IMG_1829_2 IMG_1824_2 IMG_1832

basement rock up

March 30, 2015

Dan Deacon (on) Fleek

February 28, 2015

Weather Down Post Apocalyptic/Dystopian Future Short List – Snow Day

February 17, 2015

Snow days require digging deep into the Weather Down zeitgeist: the post apocalyptic & dystopian future landscape. The list is in no particular order and just a short list. More to come…


1. Children of Men

2. Mad Max

3. Book of Eli

4. Snowpiercer

5. 12 Monkeys

6. Oblivion

7. Live Die Repeat

8. Total Recall (original)

9. Equilibrium

10. Repo Man

11. Looper

12. Planet of the Apes

13. Blade Runner

14. Terminator

15. Clockwork Orange

16. CHUD

17. Alien/Aliens

18. Invasion of the Body Snatchers

19. They Live

20. Escape from New York

21. Warriors

22. 5th Element

23. Brazil

24. District 9

25. Robocop (original)

26. Tron

27. Battle Royale

28. Save The Green Planet

29. The Raid & Raid 2

30. Wall-E

31. Cyborg

32. The Matrix

33. The Postman


1. Sweet Tooth – Jeff Lemire

2. The Stand – Stephen King

3. The Road – Cormac McCarthy

4. Alas, Babylon – Pat Frank

5. Sphere – Michael Creighton

6. Watchman – Alan Moore

7. Trillium – Jeff Lemire

8. 1984 – Orwell

9. Brave New Worlds – Huxley

10. Farenheight 451 – Bradbury

11. Southern Reach – Jeff VanderMeer

Snow Day

February 17, 2015

IMG_1496 IMG_1493

Weather Down Lives!

February 11, 2015

Mad Max Boredom/Doodling Prints

February 1, 2015

IMG_7804 IMG_7802  IMG_7806

watch yerself evil

April 6, 2014

Broken Bells w/ringo starr

February 8, 2014

some real fine pickin’

January 26, 2014 1 Comment

Saw this Colorado newcomer by way of Austin, TX last night in Denver – Ragged Union – in an alleyway bar. It was just the kind of bluegrass I like – outsider song writing, serious pickin’, and a sense of history to it all. Great band, great songwriter. Worthy of your time…


press tray in the works

January 20, 2014 1 Comment

IMG_0263  IMG_0265IMG_0266  IMG_0268

dandy boy sketch

November 17, 2013

dandy boy sketch

down the rabbit hole we go america! this is amazing and the talking heads direction is so bad ass with that gurgling metal synth! YES

– reflektor – arcade fire –

October 26, 2013

friendly sketch

October 18, 2013

friendly sketch

was up in the mountains having a quiet night and saw my friend standing by the wall. he casts a good shadow

new coen brothers – yes!

October 12, 2013


September 26, 2013


Ty Segall live at Pickathon

September 21, 2013

station to station: traveling art/music/happening in 10 cities

September 7, 2013


i would go to santa fe for this but it is sold out. but trains and art and music? so good

From the huffington post:

“For Aitken’s ambitious public art piece, entitled “Station to Station: A Nomadic Happening,” the artist will travel cross country via train, making ten stops along the way.

Each stop will contain a site-specific art happening, drawing from the often too separate art, music, culinary, literary, and film worlds. Aitken’s art train will be rolling deep with creative participants including Kenneth Anger, Urs Fischer, Carsten Höller, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Ariel Pink, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Dan Deacon, Dave Hickey, Alice Waters and many, many more.”

stamper two

August 25, 2013


handmade postcards

August 18, 2013

Imagethis was made from stamps at the DAM western collection. the museum has a number of stamps that include images from art on the walls. it is mainly for children but last time i was there, we spent 30 minutes messing around with different stamps and layering images. very cool…

i’d fill up my shotgun with rock salt and nails

August 16, 2013

the darkest and sweetest of love songs by JD Crowe and the New South

with the weirdest of redneck lines:

If the ladies were blackbirds  and the ladies were thrushes
                  Em     C                  G
I'd lie there for hours  in the chilly cold marshes
                   Em         C                 G
If the ladies were squirrels  with a high bushy tail
               C                             G
I'd fill up my shotgun with rock salt and nails


denver Art museum from above

August 16, 2013

this was shown to me the other day and i was pretty blown away: wildly geometric and jutting, the architectural view from above is really striking. daniel libeskind has done the one world trade center, the jewish museum in berlin, and a number of other beautifully modern buildings. if you have never gone to any of his designs, it is worth checking out. [pics from google maps]Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 4.31.47 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 4.32.46 PM

jenkintown project – “crows fly south”

August 10, 2013

bringing out random tracks from the 2007 “Compendium of All Things Close To Home: a portrait of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania” album and book on the oral history & folklore of my hometown. enjoy!



you can purchase the album and book on

previously unreleased dylan “pretty saro” from 1970 sessions

August 10, 2013

“Pretty Saro” is a previously unreleased Bob Dylan track that was recorded during March 1970 sessions for his album Self Portrait, but ultimately didn’t make the cut. According to Rolling Stone, Dylan’s take on the 18th Century English folk song has never even made it to bootlegs, unscathed for 43 years in the possession of Columbia Records. Now it, along with 34 other alternate takes, demos, and live versions from the Self Portrait and New Morning sessions, will be released in a box set at the end of the month. Check out the collage video below, which was made by filmmaker and previous Dylan collaborator Jennifer Lebeau from images and video stored by the Farm Security Administration in the Library Of Congress. [from stereogum]


wall street colorado mining blueprints

July 31, 2013

these are actual blueprints of the various mines running throughout the old wall street site up in the foothills of boulder. i took these photos of the blueprints when i was doing maintenance on the property: a large bee hive in the chimney cap had bees spreading throughout the historic house… i can really appreciate the complexity of the mines as well as the visual beauty of the blueprint itself: crisscrossing names, geometric shapes, and the worn blue against white.

“At the turn of the twentieth century, hard rock mining in Boulder County was in full swing, and the area known as Wall Street played a prominent role in this chapter of our community’s history. The assay office was the place where prospectors would take their ore samples to find out whether or not they had potentially “struck it rich.” So important was the determination of the assayer that the results of their work could, and often did, make or break a prospector.” [from the boulder county website]

IMG_0497  IMG_0500 IMG_0499

kurt vile video directed by tom scharpling

July 31, 2013

two of my favorites right here:


colorado beetle kill picture frames

July 26, 2013

these handmade frames were built with the expert guidance of local carpenter and all around whiz – brian bartel. he helped me rip down the wood in his shop and showed me how to match the grain for most of the frames by using the same piece of wood. the 45s came out looking tight and overall quite beautiful; so, i have to thank him for all his hard work and the quality product. just have to cut glass, add various hardware, and they will be ready to hang.

IMG_7045IMG_7044IMG_7043IMG_7047   IMG_7046  IMG_7048 IMG_7052

locally harvested beetle kill: united wood saw mill

July 24, 2013

I bought the wood for making picture frames just north of Gunbarrel, CO. at United Wood Products. The saw mill, “… operates a complete wood processing yard, running a treelength processor, firewood processor, sawmill, de-barker, and woodchipper…” They make various products ranging from firewood, to fence, to rough cut lumber, and most of it comes from local forests.

The place is pretty interesting because you can park and walk down to the warehouse/saw mill and watch the huge teeth cut right through logs, sawdust misting the racks, and take in the smell of pine in the air. You have to let your wood dry out a bit as it is not kiln dried, but they have some beautiful beetle kill. 480_Rough_lumber_1 7653011-an-interior-of-a-small-saw-mill

pine beetle kill: unique wood for craft

July 24, 2013

preparing for an august art show here in denver and just finished making 12 frames from locally harvested pine beetle wood. the wood has a beautiful palette of colors ranging from blue, to grey, to orange; which, are all caused by the infestation of the pine beetle. the wood has a rich character that is perfect for colorado in that it is tragic so many trees have been killed, but from that devastation comes a distinct and local product providing jobs on various levels. i will include pics in an upcoming post of the frames, but here is an article my friend robbie whelan wrote about the craft side of the beetle kill phenom here in colorado. NA-BT205_BEETLE_D_20121025190020

new dr. dog video for fall album drop

July 23, 2013

trains = check

philly = check

soul music = check

septa trolley moleskin sketch

July 10, 2013

working on my next linocut and excited to introduce philly’s finest – septa. going to do a series of prints on bus, train, and logos soon. IMG_6916

audel’s carpenters and builders guide

July 2, 2013

IMG_6909IMG_6910a good friend gave me a lovely present the other day: a 1923 guide book to the art of carpentry. besides the knowledge within, the engraved images of tools and sundry objects is pretty stunning. great iIMG_6914deas for relief IMG_6913print techniques abound. enjoyIMG_6912IMG_6911

wedding ketubah relief print framed

June 24, 2013

Was just sent this photo of last Spring’s epic linocut battle – the ketubah. It came out really nicely and was handsomely framed in barn wood with brass brackets. Hanging above is another favorite – “the Saint of Space.” Having an artist for a brother isn’t always a bad thing…

Cicada Brood II Linocut – Limited Edition Run

June 10, 2013

IMG_6786 Get this limited edition sick summer print to celebrate the invasion of Brood II. This nerdest print will be a short hand printed run of just 20/20. Each print is only $20 – great fathers day gift and or budding naturalist surprise. Get it!

philly’s finest – kurt vile new album video

June 4, 2013


forget daft punk as the summer jam, my pick is philly native and hair master kurt vile. laid back jams with plenty of great hooks and lyrics


brood ii

June 2, 2013

this is so dorky and weird that i had to post it: clarinet music set to a chorus of cicadas

growing up in pennsylvania, there were many summers where my brother and i would run the yard pushing through old fence lines in search of one thing or another. we had a spring/summer of grubs that was pretty disgusting but very cool. one memory in particular was when we filled an entire dannon yogurt container with grubs and then proceeded to dump them on the head of an unsuspecting neighborhood child. he might have wet his pants it was so disgusting – i later apologized to him when we were in our mid twenties.

cicadas acted as marker of warm weather for the young pennsylvanian: we picked their shells off trees, listened to their night time call as we lay in bed, and watched the famous cicada killer buzz around in search of victim; now, living in colorado where cicadas are few and far between, i sort of miss those weird red eyed monsters.


that being said, this guy is clearly strange but i like his enthusiasm…


May 28th – The Best Show w/Tom Scharpling

May 29, 2013

May 28th – The Best Show w/Tom Scharpling

Short clip of my call in last night about Fast & Furious 6 and White House Down/Olympus Has Fallen

Tom is the best

mashke and fish

May 23, 2013

a short tune for the mesertiz shul in the east village. it was a place you could drink whiskey with the old timers, eat herring, and pray.

August show at Pablo’s Coffee in Denver

May 21, 2013


Excited to be putting some new pieces up on the walls at Pablo’s at 6th and Washington for the month of August. Pablo’s makes some of the best coffee in Denver – they roast it themselves here in town – and have a lot of great artists on their walls. Not sure if I’ll be putting up relief prints or my collages, but either way, look forward to some cool new work for the show.

sketch for coyote linocut

March 10, 2013

i was working out on the plains the other day on a construction job when i saw this beautiful coyote loping across the field. he stopped here and there to investigate a prairie dog hole all the while marking his territory. it soon saw me and raced out of sight, but in that brief moment in which the coyote was quiet and IMG_1324alone in the landscape, i knew i had to make a print in its honor.

la barba linocut print

February 25, 2013

IMG_1293 IMG_1289

the gang on friday night

February 24, 2013

the gang on friday night look to the sky

birds of prey shadow boxes

February 22, 2013

IMG_1274 IMG_1275

Mercer Museum of Americana

February 19, 2013

If you ever find yourself in Philadelphia, head north to Doylestown, Pennsylvania to the Mercer Museum. It is an amazing cement castle created by the historian Henry Mercer. It houses some 30,000 handmade objects created prior to the industrial revolution. There are early printing presses, a whale boat, trapping and hunting equipment, apple corers, and most aspects of early 18th Century life around the home and farm. I included pics of an old meat grinder, a view of the clock display, the zithers, and a view looking out the 6th story room.IMG_1231 IMG_1234 IMG_1241 IMG_1243 IMG_1252 Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 7.48.20 AMThe online tour is also worth checking out.

G-d is Powerful

February 14, 2013

country music hair sketch

February 13, 2013

the fall hunt

February 3, 2013 2 Comments

weather down music now up on bandcamp

February 3, 2013


weather down is a duo featuring robert taylor on drums and benjamin hesse on guitar. the duo have been recording and wood shedding in the basement for over two years and are currently at work on a full length album due summer 2013.

no one has seen them play, no one has heard them, no one knows of their existence until now.  having written over 40 songs, they have narrowed down the choicest for your listening pleasure. a few sketches are up on bandcamp and a vinyl LP will follow come summer. enjoy!

oral history/folklore of jenkintown, pennsylvania

February 3, 2013


It has been six years since the release of the finest book ever written about a half square mile town & the stories remain strong. in its third printing, “the compendium of all things close to home” is a great gift idea for anyone interested in the strange & mysterious goings on of small town life. the book is also accompanied by a CD of original music illuminating things like the 1918 kkk march, the history of the tyson pear, and a seriously awesome avant-garde rendition of the jenkintown alma matre.

you can purchase the book on amazon here, and the CD as well.

on/off mixed media collage

January 28, 2013


new yo la tengo album dropped

January 28, 2013

great single: “ohm”

western granary sketch

January 13, 2013

best graphic novels of 2012

January 6, 2013

a list worth checking out: hypo

just finished denver’s own noah van sciver’s “the melancholic lincoln” and am pretty impressed.


industrial farm sketch

January 6, 2013

winter wreckage

December 25, 2012 3 Comments

IMG_1090 IMG_1116 IMG_1121bus photo is from mud lake – just past nederland, colorado

the plains photos are from a farm near yuma, colorado

hohner squeeze box sketch

December 20, 2012 1 Comment

the nelson house

December 13, 2012

1862 homestead ranch house still standing amidst the pines and high country skiesIMG_1067 IMG_1069 IMG_1074 IMG_1075 IMG_1080

chris ware building sketch

December 10, 2012

vintage gibson archtop sketch

December 10, 2012


great band from austin, tx

November 26, 2012

white denim – single “drug”


mule deer hunting moleskin

November 13, 2012


hi to low resolution

October 15, 2012

found this rusted out farm truck

by the edge of the field

still looks pretty


the hard days put on

cedar shake shingle

October 12, 2012

near final phase of the historic harney/lastoka milk & mule barn preservation

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end of the world

September 28, 2012

benjamin hesse: telecaster

robbie taylor: ocatpad & ipad synth app

fall at 8,000 feet

September 28, 2012


caribou ranch

fall colors

elk rut


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music for susie osler’s public art project FIELDWORK

September 10, 2012


robbie taylor on suitcase and percussion and benjamin hesse on acoustic & electric guitar, thumb piano, and banjo