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Week Two Reflection

June 17, 2017

Thinking back on the second week there were a number of adjustments I had to make in order to engage with the content and the class. I tried to respond to my peers and use Hypothesis as a forum for discussion, tweet more, and generally connect. I am still having some trouble using Hypothesis though Brad’s video on the subject was helpful. For some reason my browser does not always let me annotate…

I really like the daily create and the assignments. Drinking coffee and messing around with panoramic tricks? Pretty awesome.

Being pushed to be creative is always appreciated. Most classes do not allow you this level of freedom to think and respond with tools that feel current and exciting. Thanks Brad! Having a lot of fun working through the week. Looking back on the week and our own learning process, right now I am leaning mostly towards:

(b) con·struc·tion·ism /kənˈstrəkSHəˌnizəm/ (Papert) Papert’s contructionism is learner-centered, project-based learning where students construct knowledge through participation and discovery – leaning toward notions of collective making and sharing.

The projects we have been doing have been learner-centered and we have had the ability to construct meaning through discovery. It feels authentic and it though not always easy, it is welcomed. It is easy to parrot back information or fill in answers on a multiple choice test, but the real learning comes when we work with people, share ideas, ask questions, are pushed, and the process itself is not necessarily a means to an end, but rather a journey. Ach. So cliche, but true.



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