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Week 3 Reflection

June 22, 2017

Thinking back on week three, I feel as though the class is starting to take shape – twitter is where everything gets posted, shared, and tagged, hypothesis is the discussion forum for articles and videos, and our blog is our main delivery system for putting it all together. This week was a little more in the weeds per the topic of copyright/fair use and the open source education, but I enjoyed it. It got me thinking about education and platforms for community participation, sharing, and creative exploration. I think in general these are exciting ways to view and transform educational practices, but the site/class I focussed on – Anth101 – had two professors working together with an WordPress guru, which gives me the general sense that a massive amount of planning, trial and error, technical skill, creative vision, and what not are required to build these types of classes. Not to mention they require students to have 1 to 1 computer classrooms, so for my low income high school classroom that has spotty and old tech, I can incorporate aspects of this type of learning, but it will probably not be sustainable to run a class like this or build/manage one without more supports.

The daily create was a cool challenge per what kind of animal you connect to. I took a picture of one of my favorite linoleum cut prints of a wolf and referenced a verse from Genesis about Benjamin being wolf-like. It came out alright…

I dug deeper on the assignment bank as I tried to utilize some of the WordPress apps that added sound or mapping to tell a story, but ran into a lot of technical issues. I uploaded files to SoundCloud and copied links into the app, but there were technical errors and html coding problems. I worked for over two hours trying different things, but it all fell apart. I think this is one of the more difficult aspects of the course since there is no direct instruction, you are on your own to try new things per software, and if things don’t work, well you are on your own. It was frustrating. I persevered though and created a 30 second story about AM hour coffee consumption. 28 seconds of the clip are in black and white and have no sound – life before coffee – and once caffeine enters the system sound and color return. It took a while to think it through, shoot and edit, but I am happy with it.

I did see that you are not supposed to use the same media as last week, but after my blog app fail, I just went where the creative winds were blowing. Next week I will move away from video towards another medium.

I am still finding hypothesis to be a difficult medium to communicate as the sorting and information seems to get buried a bit, but I will keep after it.


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