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Week 4 Remixed Reflection

June 28, 2017

Remix culture. Nothing is original.

All ideas are interconnected.

We are borrowed

We are building.

——————————————–>>>>>>>>>>> Peer Crit & remix
My remix of DS classmate MAB Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 12.47.16 PM

I don’t think it is easy to listen to or terribly enjoyable, but I don’t think aesthetics are always the most important aspects of creativity. Sometimes it can be about the process that is important – remix, remix, remix. Taking written text and making it into audio, taking audio and decontextualizing it by removing certain words, punctuation, changing the rhythm of the language, and then adding filters and beats.

—————————————————>>>>>>>>>>> Digital ethnography
For my digital ethnography I went down into the basement and dug up an old tape recording from 2000 with my NYU philosophy professor, Robert Gurland. I had to play the tape, record it digitally, move it from my phone into Logic, and add a noise gate filter to reduce the background sounds, then edit it down. It is a terrible recording sound quality-wise, but his off the cuff remarks on Truth and Skepticism are pretty deep. He was one of my favorites.


—————————————————————>>>>>>>>>>> Peer remix challenge
I liked the remix action. Animation. Spanish. Yes.

My take. Spelled fuego wrong.

—————>>>>>>>>>>>> Daily create week four
This is tremendously funny to me because the Queen and Charles are so far removed from what I think of in terms of where NYC and Jewish language, style, and humor are concerned. Putting old/new words into new contexts…



———–>>>>>>>>>>>>> Learnings from the week

Gonna keep it textually short: remixing culture in the digital age has boundaries, borders, and many complexities. It involves a level of meta that requires participants be in the know. It is a dialogue and a communal conversation utilizing digital sampling conventions and open flow between platforms. Creativity is interconnected, borrowed, and building. Reading the the 6/25/17 NYTimes Sunday magazine profile about jazz pianist Craig Taborn, I was struck by the below passage’s alternate view of creativity and remix. What do you think about his anti-remix approach?



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